Welcome to The New Outlook Spa

Hello. I am Master Everything. If you don’t mind, there is something very important I wish to say to everyone reading this now, before they continue to come further in The New Outlook Spa.

As there are so many choices for busy women these days to safely satisfy their natural curiosity for erotic hypnosis, and submissive fantasies, thus it brings Me great pleasure to know so many women have chosen to spend so much of their precious time, here, in the New Outlook Spa.

I created this little corner of subspace for women of substance, as a relieving break to safely indulge their passionate desires, to soothe their mind, and re-invigorate their body, through the power of our restorative conditioning.

Although I know most reading now, are eager to begin this wondrous journey through the looking glass, I hope no one minds if I may just take this ever so brief moment now, just to show My gratitude to everyone for coming to help make The New Outlook Spa the premier destination for intelligent women to enjoy erotic hypnosis.

First of all, I would like to take this moment to thank all of our regular guests, for spending their precious time here from their busy offline lives, for seductive escape from a most stressful, ordinary life. With so many options for one to indulge in erotic hypnosis, let alone to immerse into a steamy, seductive fantasy, to select from, the feeling it brings Me, knowing, that not only have they made The New Outlook Spa their first preference, but that I’ve also erected something very special, they are more than happy to share with their like-minded friends, really touches deep inside.

I would also like to thank all of our patrons for their generous support, feedback and suggestions, and most importantly, their continuing belief in this dream. Were it not for them, I would most certainly not have been able to provide this bountiful garden for the imagination to explore. It has certainly been a labour of love to have devoted countless hours to carefully cultivate My dream of this secluded resort for the mind. I appreciate their patience through all the carefully crafted revisions and re-imaginings of this concept through the years, and I hope they have enjoyed watching as it has sprouted to come alive. I also appreciate their patience, when I have not had so much time as I would have liked, to devote myself more fully to lovingly tend to this vision, due to My own offline commitments. They know just how much I look forward to a time, when I may be free to devote My time more to grow this labour of love.

Additionally, I am very grateful for everyone I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet on this adventure. Most have become a fountain of inspiration for Me to soak in, they deserve thanks for all their insightful suggestions. With each new day, I look forward to opening My email to have their kind notes slowly drip in to , as I savour My morning coffee for a one last precious daydream, to energize Me for the long day ahead. Unfortunately, My time is limited before going to work each day, I have been unable to reply to most of them, so allow Me now to take this moment, to tell them, I really do think of them often. They’re all, really, very special to Me.

I am also very lucky to have those I can always count upon to take my call. This has been especially true, most often late at night. My mind inundated, unable to sleep, as captive ideas emerge from seductive suggestions trapped inside, craving release. They’ve always been more than willing to open the door for Me, making Me feel at home in an intimate test-bed with all the time I need, to fully explore every inch of these germinating dreams. It’s most important, and for this I thank them kindly, with all My heart.

Sometimes, though, I can easily imagine what some may think, should they ever come upon us. If they could only see just how feverish we are, spread bare with blooming dreams exposed. Others may not understand the sacrifices, nor the energy required, to spend the entire night in deep meditation together exploring every sensation. Others may not longer seek the rabbit, as they caught us coming before them. though they may doubt their own eyes. Oh My God! Our sensations overcome us as we look ever so deeply into the other’s eyes only to see My original seed has now bloomed into this beautiful flower garden for their mind now before them. And should more time remain, nothing could be better than to come inside again! That would be the best!

I indulge all coming excited now for their very first time in mind control fantasy. they may not know us in an intimate way yet, but our seed has already been planted. And as seeds need water and light, they too now feel it come quickly grow deep roots in fertile imagination. Perhaps they may already be imagining now, if a seed really could sprout in the mind. I don’t know if they may already feel like I have begun to safely penetrate, just like I first easily penetrated Alice in her beautiful garden. I’m certain, everyone who comes for their first time, here, should know, just as everyone who has come before knows, seeds don’t change into plants overnight, so they will have to read more than once. And as water comes and goes and is essential for life, before they let themselves in, they really should choose to get a drink, for as I have found, the more women soaking in My hypnotic conditioning, more often they thirst for more. It’s metaphorical! I know they’re always very grateful for this time I take to remind them. And should they choose to drink, often, they too will choose to look at themselves in a mirror as they return, like Alice, so they may open up more for Me, before they begin.

Finally, I wonder who will allow Me an ephemeral moment from them, before they may be released back into their stressful offline lives. I know it would make me feel so wonderful inside, if they would be so kind to email a little note, to show their appreciation for all I have sown for them to enjoy, for me to find, in the morning. Everyone knows, it’s not too much to be asked the time, when someone fleetingly passes, no matter how spent they may feel. It should be easy to remember to be more grateful, as master of this domain, for all the time I get to come into this special place.

For one last time, with all My heart I thank you for kindly for letting Me take this brief moment, to have indulged Myself with this shower of My gratitude, over all who may have found themselves, for whatever reason they may have, for coming here. Each and every one, here now, deserve it!

With Love

Master Everything